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To meet the deadlines set in the process of the clinical trials single report, the receipt of documents will take place in the following manner:

a) Deadlines for submission of documentation: MULTI- CENTRE CLINICAL TRIAL: Refers to protocols and amendments.
Reception of documents: 1 to 5 of each month.
OTHER PROJECTS: observational studies, EPA, grants,..
Receipt of documents: Fifteen days before the meeting
Receipt of documentation: from 16 to 20 of each month.

The reviews of documentation which is submitted outside these deadlines, the reviews will be pending until the next meeting of the CEIM.

b) Register System
The CEIM has a recorded entry to check the date of receipt of each application for assessment for: protocols, amendments or modifications, response to the clarifications, other projects.

c) Receipt of the documentation:
Documentation will be adressed for the attention of the CEIM, Technical Secretary, and will be considered having entered the CEIM if the documentation has been collected by hand or via email for one of the following persons:

Marta Riera (secretaria tècnica)
De 8,30h a 13h a l'adreça següent:
Hosapital Dr. Josept Trueta de Girona
Avda. de França s/n
Pavelló de Govern - 3ra Planta
17007 - Girona

Telf: 972 940 282
e-mail: ceic.girona.ics@gencat.cat
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Av. de França, s/n Pavello de govern planta 3 17007 - Girona   Tel. Tel. 972 94 13 23  Fax 972 48 54 22  

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