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Courses and Conferences
With reference to the training of CEIC members, it will be required that all new members:

- complete the training workshop on the ethics of clinical research delivered online by the Borja Institute of Bioethics
- read all relevant legislation (RD223/2204, Helsinki Declaration,...)

The CEIC will support the continuing education of the members to ensure that they have adequate knowledge to perform the tasks required.
Borja Course
Permanent Course
Activity in the form of workshop training, very focused on the analysis of theoretical and practical ethical criteria that should govern the review and opinion of clinical trial protocols, all based on the legal framework that establishes the requirements and standards of research in field of new drugs and medical devices.

The campus Borja Institute of Bioethics, a platform from which the workshop will be taught, it is very intuitive and easy to use, making available materials and resources.
Introductory Course on Bioethics
Permanent Course
Objective of the course is to provide conocimientos específicos Complementary and fundamentals of Bioethics PROFESSIONALS in various fields and, specially, to doctors, lawyers, philosophers, economists, biologists, and most importantly, harrowing in Nursing and Social Work.
ntensive Ethics and Good Clinical Practices
Permanent Course
The primary objective of this seminar is complete
the training of clinical researchers in the
clinical trial methodology, especially
in implementing the Standards of Good Clinical Practice
(GCP) as standard of quality and compliance
current legislation on the subject. usually
clinical trials sponsored by the industry
c u e n t a n c o n e l
organizational support
pharmaceutical, which
familiar with the
PCBs, while
practitioners of
national system of
health and entities
collaborators have
so profound in
this methodology. It
is therefore to fill the
void formation for
that projects
IGAC t ion of research
clinical, commercial and
human medicines reach the level of
desirable quality.
The experience and knowledge acquired in this
seminar will not only help develop better
clinical trials, but can influence
considerably in improving the quality of many
care processes and assist in the preparation
new research projects. the present
course is therefore a training
complementary research programs
and gives researchers an opportunity to
improvement in this field.
courses and conferences


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