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Biobank: ethical
Do We Have to Change the Way
What Does It Mean to Understand a Risk. Evaluating Risk Comprehension
Informed consent: the need to understand as a process, not as a procedure.
Probably the "practice" of informed consent (IC), as required by law established in the interest of patient autonomy, which is creating more difficulties in implementation, it has become a mere administrative requirement that has unfortunately - in general - the sole purpose of exemption from any responsibility in the medical field. It is necessary, even using the encounter difficulties, which make an effort of understanding by medical staff to establish a new horizon, where it is understood that the virtualization of patient autonomy through informed consent requires understood as a "process" and not as a simple procedure.
What is a quality-adjusted life-year worth
Endpoints and surrogate endpoints in colorectal cancer a review
Clinical Trial Designs for Predictive Biomarke Validation
Cancer Clinical Trial A chronic but curable crisis
Avaluació esudis no inferioritat
when are positive clinical trials in oncology truly positive
Detecting an Overall Survival Benefit that Is Derived From Progression-Free Survival.
Local aspects of research protocols that have evaluated the research ethics committees
An introduction to qualitative methods
An introduction to qualitative methods: Training Module for students and professionals.
Clinical trials in healthy volunteers and their remuneration
Inclusion of women in research projects
A minor in areas of health
Document will desire
Consideration of Document will desire
Conflict of interest
Conflicts of Interest in Biomedical Research
Cancer Clinical Trials — A Chronic but Curable Crisis
CONSORT 2010 Statement: Updated Guidelines for Reporting Parallel Group Randomized Trials
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