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The main objectives of the CEIC, regulated by law and the moral principles and rules that regulate the activity of research involving human subjects are:

- To assess the adequacy of the project in relation to the objectives of the study, to provide social value, scientific or clinical, and justified the foreseeable risks and discomforts in relation to the benefits expected by society and individuals.
- To assess the adequacy of the research team to conduct the study, based on care commitments or involvement in other research work previously purchased.
- To assess the written information, informed consent, to be given to the subjects involved or, failing that their legal representative to participate independently or be appropriately protected. To evaluate the type of written consent to be obtained.
- To check the compensation to be offered to the subjects of the study planned, to cover the responsibilities of the sponsor, investigator, staff and head of the centre where the study is conducted.
- To know the compensation received by the researchers and research subjects for their participation in the study.
- To track the studies until we receive the final report.
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