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CEIC has diferents forms:

- IP Commitment
- IP-CEIC Commitment:
It refers to the obligations that the the IP has to the CEIC and it s the same for all the centres.

-Departments involved in Commitment : Pharmacy, Nursing, IDI, Laboratory and pathology.

These forms were agreed with the departments and the researchers of the hospital and the ICO.
The rest of the centres are not obliged to use these forms.

They remind, of the need to inform the departments involved in the study: of all those aspects to which the study relates, in particular the pharmacy department, but also nursing, laboratory, IDI or those who are involved.

Likewise, the sponsor and principal researcher in the centre have to inform the departments involved of the project's start up and completion.

In the case of researchers who do not belong to the University Hospital of Girona Dr. Josep Trueta put the LOGO CENTER REPRESENTED.
Pharmacy Commitment
The Pharmacy Department of the University Hospital of Girona Dr. Josep Trueta-IAS Girona has agreed with the CEIC the attached document of May 2009.
This document is applicable in HU de Girona Dr.Josep Trueta, IAS Girona and ICO Girona.
The other centres taking part in the research have their own models.
Nursing service commitment
The Director of Nursing in the University Hospital of Girona Dr. Josep Trueta established the model attached as a commitment to co-operate from the various nursing departments involved in the research projects carried out in the hospital.
Pathology, IDI, clinical laboratory, cardiology ... services commitment
This commitment is common to pathology services, clinical laboratory and IDI.
You have to click on the service is concerned.
The same model can be used for other services not specifically covered.

This document must be signed by investigator and the service Boss.

The attached document is applicable in our hospital and the ICO Girona.
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